Due to Ministry of Transportation and Ministry of Interior rules, only the following 3 types of drivers are allowed to work with Easy:
  • Saudi Nationals
  • Official taxis (limousines)
  • Accredited private drivers with actual driver profession on Iqama and legal private car (yellow plates)
We allow the following car models :
  • All cars with year model 2013 and above in perfect condition and perfect cleanness
  • Some exceptions can be done for older models for luxury sedans (BMW, Lexus…) and SUVs (Fortuner, Tahoe, Prado…)
For registering all the drivers need the following documents:
  • Valid driver licence (Rokhsa) of the drivers
  • Valid car registration paper (Istimara)
  • Valid ID/Iqama card
  • Valid authorization letter for Jawazat if Istimara not in driver’s name
  • All taxi drivers will be receiving requests from « EasyTaxi » service from the passenger’s application
  • All regular private car drivers will receive requests from « EasyTaxi » and « EasyGo » services from the passenger application
  • In addition to this, drivers with higher-class models (SUVs, Taurus, BMW, Lexus…) will also be included in « EasyPlus » service and drivers with large cars (Innova, Expedition…) in « EasyXL » service.
  • Registration with Easy is totally free. Drivers need only to buy a 30 sar voucher credit on registration to start working properly with their account
  • Easy charges the cheapest commission in the market only 15% of the ride value in order for the drivers to get maximum benefit of working with us
  • All drivers need to fulfill every requests when accepted by going immediately and fast to every customer
  • All drivers need to be extremely polite with customers and serve them at best. Customers will rate every ride from 1 to 5
  • In case the driver do not respect these rules he will be blocked immediately and will need to pay an unblocking fee to be able to work again with Easy


Alamir Haydar Alshihabi, Al Murabba, طابق رقم 3، مكتب رقم 3, Riyadh 12613, Saudi Arabia


King Saud St, Al Mazruiyah, Dammam 32414, Saudi Arabia +966 11 271 9333